Applications & Services

See all the services and applications that the Yachtexperts can do for you
Yacht Experts operates in the market of yachting services. Specifically our activity sections, includes Gel Coat Polishing & Restoring, Marine Colors Polishing & Restoring, Yacht wrapping-high quality vinyl’s films, surface protection. Yacht Experts undertakes not only Greek but international projects as well, always caring to provide high quality services, combined with our accuracy in work delivery times and written guarantee provision.




Color Restoration

Color Restoration is the process that we do to bring back to life the original color of the surface


Surface Protection

Our latest and high end material is cerayacht 9H ceramic clear coat which it gives mirror effect finish , high scratch resistance,super hydrophobic properties,easy wash down maintenance.

Antiosmosis Protection

Antiosmosis protection is the process that we do to avoid osmosis on below water surface,usually must do it every 5 years to ensure that water will not contact fiberglass.



Antifouling Paint

Antifouling paint is that we do every year under the waterline to prevent oysters to seat on the hull,to keep up the speed and smooth operation on the water.

Interior Cleaning

Our experienced team ensures that every part of your yacht area and below deck is clean and free from dirt and dust mites.


Yacht Wrapping

Why paint your Yacht when you can apply wrapping-with high quality vinyl’s films? We provide and apply High end vinyls film that can transform you yacht,ideal for exterior or interior use.



Fabric change and repair

We specialize in restoring and repairing torn or outdated fabrics. Our team will work meticulous to ensure that when we are done, you’ll have a new pristine interior.