Yacht Experts operates in the yachting services market since 2008. Our spectrum of activities includes Surface Polishing & Restoring, Marine Colors Polishing & Restoring, Yacht wrapping-using high quality vinyl films for Surface Protection.

Yacht Experts is a company based in Greece and has undertaken numerous projects around the globe, always aiming to provide high quality services and accuracy both in work purpose and delivery times. Mutually agreed terms and conditions as well as written guarantee are prerequisites for every new partnership.

The company’s founder, Stavros Mentis, has been involved in the yachting sector industry since 1996. He is a Maritime Expert with 12 years of experience in the Private & Commercial sectors. He has concluded his career as a skipper. He also holds a 3D Officer Certificate. Yacht Experts team consists of people with diverse skills from white and blue colar sectors.


Applications & Services

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It is a time and cost efficient alternative for those not choosing to paint from scratch.

Color Restoration & Polishing

Color Restoration is a process that brings back to life the original color of the surface.

We provide and apply high end vinyl films that can transform you yacht. They are ideal for exterior and interior use. 

Yacht Wrapping

Why paint your Yacht when you can apply wrapping-with high quality vinyl films?

Ιt gives mirror effect finish, high scratch resistance, super hydrophobic properties and easy wash down maintenance.


Our latest and high end material is Ceramic Carabu.



Yacht Experts started from the owner’s obsession for perfection and through the years this obsession became a passion to offer polishing services to yachts. As passionate enthusiasts for yachts we wanted to explore why yachts shining doesn’t remain after 2-3 months period.

The Company has reached already ten (10) years in action and continues to offer unique services in re-storing and protecting yachts’ surface. Through the years that have passed, we have gained experience from almost all yacht manufactures since we polished, painted and gel coated various kind of surfaces, with amazing results. After a lot of research, tests, and training courses we are happy to announce that we are the only company that can provide a written warranty for any kind of project.

Our Work

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Certified 3M Marine Division Partner


Certifications prove that our products have conformed to industry standards and specifications for use as a surface treatment. Each certification indicates application suitability with a specific manufacturer and category. If you are unsure as to the safety or usage standards for a purpose or product not listed on this list please contact our support team to address your use and ensure conformity.


Our Partners

Through the years we have successfully made collaborations with some of the most known brands in the world